Monday, October 26, 2009


It's been awhile. I've been mostly just posting pictures over on Facebook, and keeping things light. I'm pretty sure Lacey's the only one who reads my blog, ha ha ha! Hi Lacey....

One thing I have noticed lately is that I am pinning more and more baggage on times of day. I pretty much always got depressed on Sunday nights, but before now, it was because I was dreading starting the new work week. Now, I dread how everyone ELSE will be going to work the following day, but I'll be left behind. I'll be honest, Monday mornings are very lonely sometimes. Today was a Monday, and I woke up with a TERRIBLE headache. I'm going to pay attention next Monday, hopefully this isn't a pattern.

I also am beginning to dread 4 PM. I can pretty much hold out hope that something will go on with a job, but once it's 4, I give up on anyone calling me or emailing me. I figure, anyone I interviewed with or even sent my resume to has started trying to wrap their own day up. So you know how 4 to 7 is typically called "Happy Hour"? Well, right now... not so much.

Sorry Sunday nights, Monday mornings, and every day from 4 to about 7. Someday, I'll be employed again, and you can be baggage free. Except you, Sunday nights. I'll always have JUST a little dread on Sunday nights :)

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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one who reads! It's genius. Everyone should read if they aren't dummies.